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Meanwhile in Romania: The flock, the bones, and the stampede

I’ve been away for a while, too busy too lazy to write, and biding my time. Then I found this floating around the atheistic interwebs, specifically here. It’s a clip depicting the way human beings choose to humiliate themselves for the sake of religion. In 2011, (and I know I`ve written about this before, but I can`t help it!) people stampede and trample eachother for a chance to buy kitschy plastic crosses and have a go at kissing the bones of long dead people, of uncertain origin, but saintly nonetheless!

I`m not writing this as a rant. I’m writing this with a sigh. I can`t believe the kind of country I live in. Oh, did I mention they FLEW IN the disembodied HEAD of a saint, all the way from Greece, so it can be worshiped? How’s THAT for air traffic security, eh? They’ll scan up my ass when I go to an airport, but when a bunch of men in black robes carry on a large metal case containing the disembodied head of a dead man, it’s aaaalll fine and dandy.

Without further ado, I present to you medieval Romania:

  1. November 3, 2011 at 22:53

    It’s actually very sad that these people have nothing left to believe in, no hope whatsoever, no nothing, except for kissing bones and the hands of priests. They’ve turned into non-people

    Can you imagine what would happen if all these mobs went out with some slogans and a real desire to do something and change things? French strikers would definitely envy their enthusiasm.

  2. Oly
    November 8, 2011 at 17:19

    @Ioana: I will, as soon as time allows, write a post on how clinging to false hope is a sign of weakness, and how some people prefer not to be told the truth and accept it, because it deteriorates their weak self-confidence even more.
    But you’re totally right. If people spent more energy on changing their country, and ultimately their lives, for the better, instead of drooling over cadavers, we’d be living in paradise on earth by now.

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