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Religion kills: priest almost drowns baby during baptism, blames family

November 11, 2011 3 comments

Orthodoxy is one of the most conservative, primitive and resistant to change christian denomination. Romanian orthodoxy, even more so, as its primitive nature goes hand in hand with the primitive nature of some Romanian nationals.

These were, just a few days ago, the premises for a near tragedy, as a priest almost drowned a baby during baptism, because the “tradition” states the baby must be submerged in water completely. The parents are now pressing charges, and the priest is under investigation for charges of battery, assault, and reckless endagerment. Parents were aiming for attempted murder, but the police didn’t find evidence of such thing.

Nevertheless, the thing that shocked me the most, and that is the aim of today’s rant, is that the priest declared, publicly, that he is innocent, and that “THE SINS OF THE PARENTS REFLECTED ONTO THE CHILD AND THAT IS WHY HE ALMOST DIED”. It ENRAGES me to the point of seeing red to hear such arguments from a criminally negligent thief and liar and beggar and maggot! If I had my way all those gold-wearing lie-mongers that drive around in limos and preach their bullshit to the masses would be rounded up and sent to the desert to preach among themselves. HOW DARE HE say that him shoving a month-old baby in a tub of cold water was the parent’s fault? How DARE HE say that him even being allowed to preach his dangerous, unsanitary, medieval cult in modern times is the family’s fault?

The only fault those parents have is not being able to resist peer pressure. That`s why parents baptise their young children, because it’s tradition,  because “what will the neighbors say”  “what will the priest say” and all that jazz. Even if they only go to church at christmas and easter, they’re still going to submit their young baby to this medieval, cruel torture because hey, everyone does it! And the maggot-priests condone and encourage it! And then say that the child was not pure enough, which is why he died! HOW can anyone in the year 2011 even THINK that?!

In the past two years, at least 4 documented cases of child deaths and severe trauma due to orthodox baptism have been recorded. I am certain that there were more than that, but out of fear of the church, they were kept quiet. I hope, with all my heart, that the priest in this last case rots in jail for a good number of years. Maybe the inmates there will teach him a thing or two about what happens to those that hurt babies. I`m just sorry we can`t charge all priests with criminal acts against humanity and just lock them all up.

To end today’s rant, I provide you with a short description of orthodox priests, so you know the kind of vermin I`m talking about:

– unwashed, smelly, grimy

-long beards

-lazy, fat, filthy rich (they steal contributions, never pay any taxes, and charge humongous amounts of money for any religious serice they perform)

-unqualified in any job – they are vermin that live off the sweat of the general populace, not doing anything beyond preaching and shit-eating.

-full of gold

-criminally negligent in spreading hepatitis and TBC by not washing the comunion spoon and chalice after every individual use, criminally negligent in almost killing babies in a crude, primitive and brutal ritual.

These people walk among us and are regarded as saintly, and given more rights than the “commoners”! In a democracy, this is allowed to happen! Spread the word, before we turn into a full-fledged theocracy!



Meanwhile in Romania: The flock, the bones, and the stampede

October 31, 2011 2 comments

I’ve been away for a while, too busy too lazy to write, and biding my time. Then I found this floating around the atheistic interwebs, specifically here. It’s a clip depicting the way human beings choose to humiliate themselves for the sake of religion. In 2011, (and I know I`ve written about this before, but I can`t help it!) people stampede and trample eachother for a chance to buy kitschy plastic crosses and have a go at kissing the bones of long dead people, of uncertain origin, but saintly nonetheless!

I`m not writing this as a rant. I’m writing this with a sigh. I can`t believe the kind of country I live in. Oh, did I mention they FLEW IN the disembodied HEAD of a saint, all the way from Greece, so it can be worshiped? How’s THAT for air traffic security, eh? They’ll scan up my ass when I go to an airport, but when a bunch of men in black robes carry on a large metal case containing the disembodied head of a dead man, it’s aaaalll fine and dandy.

Without further ado, I present to you medieval Romania:

Logic 101 – a nifty link

October 13, 2011 3 comments

What`s a straw-man anyway?! And what does smoked herring have to do with anything? Band wagons, slippery slopes, what gives?!

If you’ve been asking yourself  any of the above questions, you might find the following link pretty useful. It lists and explains some of the most common errors in argumentation, most of which are often times found in theist discourse. Without further ado, I give you Logical Fallacies:

The website gives you all the tools you need to successfully detect and counter your opponent’s false argument using logic and reason.

In closing, inquiring minds want to know: when is the last time someone used a fallacy to try and win an argument with you? Share your stories in the comment section below.

Later edit: Romanian readers can find a comprehensive list of logical fallacies in Romanian here

Relics, shmelics: the Orthodox bone-worshiping circus is in town!

October 11, 2011 2 comments

Remember the good ol` days? Or should I say “ye goode olde days”, since I`m referring to the Dark Ages, when relic commerce was a flourishing business and any piece of cloth, random body part or splinter of wood could be sold off as a miracle-working relic of some saint or the other?

Think those days are over? Think again! In Romania, the Orthodox church makes a circus out of every occasion it gets to put rotten bones on display for the naive and brainwashed to adore. This is absurd, you might think. No, THIS.IS.ROMANIA!

As I was ranting about in a previous post the biblemongers around here are very prone to asking their imaginary friend in the sky for anything from good grades to lottery numbers. Which is part of the reason why they flock by the hundreds and camp out in front of churches where so-called “holy relics” are put on display.

This creates a grotesque spectacle of human degradation, which is readily enjoyed by the priest-vermin that pat their fat bellies as the masses literally trample each other to get to touch / kiss / lick / rub various body parts on the christian mummies. It has become habitual for the church to send relics around the country, import relics from “sister” churches in other orthodox countries, block traffic in major cities to parade relics and get the naive flock to stampede over who gets to leave their lip-prints on the asses  relics of the holy first.

The most recent such circus-act is happening as I type, in the city of Iasi, eastern Romania. As the date of  her celebration approaches (October 14th), the relics of Saint Parascheva are being taken out of the church and put outside on display, for people to adore her bodily remains in the most disgusting of ways. You could not imagine the amount of bodily fluids that are being exchanged there in the few days that the silver-cast reliquarium is available to the public: saliva, sweat, grease, are all mixed together in a disgusting cocktail that everybody contributes to as they ever-so-sheepishly lean in and kiss or touch the box. The Public Health authorities have warned the church many times about the health hazards this entails, but nobody would listen. More so, the priests were intrigued that one could even assume that something as holy as relics would allow illness. And even said “if you become ill after kissing the relics, it is because your faith is not strong enough.”

Meanwhile, the believers, whose faith in free food, cheap trinkets and the beneficial effects of french-kissing a mummy can not be dwindled by us mere “satanic atheists slave to the masonic conspiracy to overthrow the one true church™” are just now setting up camp in Iasi, training for the stampedes to follow. The local gypsies -turned – salesmen over night are also setting up camp, getting ready to sell plastic trinkets and cheesy icons and overpriced candles to the masses.  The obese filthy rich members of the clergy are also getting ready to watch the show from the best seats in the house, so there’s nothing left to do but wait for the circus to start.

My theist acquaintances (and even random strangers who somehow find out about my beliefs, or lack thereof) say to me frequently that I am somehow angry at their god, which is why I`m such a blasphemer and an atheist. I reply as frequently with two arguments: a) one cannot be angry at something that doesn’t exist, unless one suffers from serious mental health issues, and b) I do not have a problem with believers. Matter of fact, I will advocate freedom of thought any day (within the limits of common sense and the law; see here what happens when this is abused). What I do have a problem with, and always will have, is idiocy. I cannot idly stand by and watch fellow human beings degrade themselves, humiliate themselves publicly, expose themselves to risk, let their brains wither and die from lack of use, all in order to uphold their anachronistic, medieval faiths.

In closing, I leave you with this funny piece of material I found floating around the interwebs a couple of weeks ago, and I think it goes well with the topic of religious public circus that I`ve discussed herein.


Seriously, Westboro? Seriously?!

October 6, 2011 6 comments

I’m pretty sure that by now this is allover the internet, but that won`t stop me from posting my own opinion on it. Take a look at the twitter screenshot below (that has been circulated intensely since this morning). The irony of it all is obvious; less so, it appears,  to Westboro Baptist Church:

*WARNING – Potentially offensive language ensues*

Seriously, you little close-minded fundamentalist shitheads? Seriously? I don’t know where the fuck you think you’re going AFTER you die, but while you’re still (unfortunately enough) wasting oxygen on this planet think about this: the man you’re slandering for not believing in your iron age fairy-tales has spent the past 30 years or more changing the world you live in for the better. What has your shitty little god done for humanity recently, eh? How many diseases has he cured, how many technological advancements that you brainwashed hypocrites take for granted and use daily has your god provided for you?

While you went around with your little picket signs and your childish little slogans slandering people and begging for media coverage like the filthy attention-whores that you are, this man has worked his ass off to give you the iPhones you use to tweet your horseshit, the computers you use to take your daily dose of brainwashing from your so-called cult leaders, the iPods you listen to your sermons on and oh-so-many more things you`ll never even know about, because you live under a fuckin` rock and preach a religion of love by acts of hatred.

Now before you accuse me of being an Apple-fanboy you should know I`ve used a PC my entire life and plan to continue doing so in the near and far future. I was never a big fan of Apple products, or their marketing strategy, but you know what I have and you retarded fucktards lack? I have respect for a man whose name has become synonymous to innovation. And you know what? I have to hand it to the man: even in death, he managed to attract haters.

Whoever pisses enough people off to want to make them picket their funeral, as childish and absurd as the reasons may be, has a place in my little book of awesome people. And apparently, that’s what pissed you off in the first place: the guy had money, friends, a huge following, and ideas for a better world, without having to kneel to an imaginary being in the sky. Meanwhile you’re so dumb you have to have your ideas force-fed to you through a tube, you think your imaginary friend has a problem with who a man chooses to love, give all your money to the church so that your “guru” can live in luxury, and you’re so small that you need to cause a fuss to be given any sort of media attention.

In closing, Westboro, I give you the Middle Finger of the Week award and have this to say to you: I sure as hell hope you picket MY funeral when I die, it`ll mean I really did something in life worth slandering.


Lo, the Apocalypse is nigh!…again!

September 25, 2011 3 comments

OK, this is getting a bit old. Make up your minds, people!  Natural catastrophe, man-made black holes, asteroids crashing on Earth, satellites crashing on Earth, The Rapture, global warming, earthquake causing comets, the devil, Vishnu, Ungu-Bungu`s Revenge, zombies, the Mayan calendar, what the hell is it gonna be?

In the past few years  I`ve survived so many Apocalypses I`m starting to think I`m either related to Chuck Norris, or to a cockroach. The last big thing was this douchebag preacher/radio host telling the naive masses to relinquish their earthly goods and prepare for the rapture. OK, everyone’s entitled to at least one episode of delusional paranoia per lifetime, I`ll give the man that, but what I can`t understand is how he managed to get people to quit their jobs, sell their houses, give their life savings to charity and other self-righteous bullshit to prepare for an event that even their holy bible states cannot be predicted by man. Fine, you`ll say, let’s forgive the poor sob and move on. Oh reaaaally? Forgive him you say? “Medicate” I believe is a better practice at this moment, considering he still hasn’t given up his apocalyptic bullcrap and instead stated that he was “wrong” and the rapture will actually occur next year. And you know what? He STILL has a following! I mean, people, really?! Seriously?!

Moooving on: before delusional preachers, there was the Mayan calendar. That`s still somewhat of a trend, with many people holding a firm belief that just because a bunch of people over 600 years ago, that had barely discovered the wheel, made human sacrifices and built megalithic temples in their spare time, yet couldn`t count further than 2012, made a bunch of predictions in their silly calendar it means they were right and we’re all going down the drain next year, when supposedly some serious shit is programmed to hit a cosmic-sized fan. Oh, you must be thinking, with something as serious as the end of the world, the believers in the Mayan calendar must have serious proof of their allegations. Bullshit. That`s what they have. Jack Squat. Their argument is that they can`t be proven wrong. Well DUH you self-righteous apocalypse-mongers, of course you can`t be proven wrong, we’re too busy finding the cure for cancer and AIDS to be looking into old Indiana Jones movie scripts! Of course, in comes Hollywood fueling the delusion by making a movie about the world ending in 2012 by means of huge tidal wave. Crap movie, by the way. Crappier than, say, all those zombie apocalypse movies that, believe it or not, can actually happen if a man-made virus escapes some lab in the basement of an abandoned airstrip in *Insert desert location in the US here*.

Now, after all the major-league bullshit one might think that it’s a bit overrated to come up with new Apocalypses every day. But NOOOO, there are always a bunch of paranoid people living in their mother’s basement somewhere just waiting to come up with new and improved ways of ending the world as we know it. Maybe. Sometime. Tomorrow, or next month, or this decade or so. For example, the new trend (fortunately swiftly disproved by NASA, much to the dismay of the folks getting ready to hit the banks and liquidate their accounts after telling their bosses they were screwing around with their wives and that they’re jackasses and dickheads anyway) is that Comet Elenin will pass us by, cause earthquakes and not even drop in to say hello. What a douchebag comet! I mean, come on, if you’re a cosmic object hurtling through the sky at a-crapload-of-miles-an-hour and you`re gonna cause a panic, at least crash into the planet, don`t just go by and disappear harmlessly into the night sky! Conspiracy theorists have to make a living too, you know?!

Now, given all the bull that’s been tossed around recently, I`m pretty damn sure that when and if the end of the world comes, it’s going to not only catch us by surprise completely, but also come from a seemingly benign incident that nobody’s going to notice, like…I dunno…a butterfly flapping it’s wings in some remote jungle, causing a hurricane somewhere else, causing christians to believe they’re being raptured, causing, in turn, the economy to collapse because of sudden withdrawals of cash and people quitting their jobs, causing a Chinese official to laugh his ass off, tip over, push the nuclear launch button, and end us all. See? It’s easy! With a bit of work, you too can now create your own bone-chilling apocalyptic scenario!

This has been a special report from my underground bunker where I`m waiting for the world to end. Repent, the end is nigh! Or not…or maybe next month. Who the hell knows?

The Romanian Orthodox Church and Communism – a brief comparison

September 21, 2011 1 comment

Ladies and gents, for today’s random rant (that isn`t random at all, but part of a wider project to expose the evils of religion in Romania) I give to you Comunism vs. Orthodoxy – a brief comparison.

Let us begin:

1. The words of their creators are gathered in a book and misinterpreted, vaguely applied, and changed to suit the needs of the moment.Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.

2.”He who is not with us is against us”. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
3. Hatred of the Western world that is decadent, dominant, imperialistic, etc. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
4. Creation of false enemies: other religions, the bourgeoisie, saboteurs, freemasonry, the Jews, etc. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
5. Ascension to power by use of intimidation and fear coupled with hope for a better existence. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
6. Reversal of values – good is bad, rich is poor, one is many, etc. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
7. Exacerbation of nationalist feelings and national pride to the point of xenophobia. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
8. Illegitimate takeover of land and property by invocation of previous “historic” injustice requiring reparation. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
9. “We are all equal, but some of us are more equal than the other”. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
10. Leaving the system is a capital offense. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
11. Dissemination of biased information via “official” news sources. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
12. Cult of personality (the supreme Leader, vs. the supreme Being). Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
13. Megalomania (massive processions, absurd builds with no aesthetic or practical use whatsoever). Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
14. The existence of a limited few that oppose the absurdity. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.
15. Use of authority vs. use of logic in argumentation. Orthodoxy – 1; Communism – 1.

And last, but not least, to close this comparison, I give you a literal translation of a quote by Justinian Marina, a.k.a The Red Patriarch, leader of the Romanian Orthodox Church under communism: “Christ is the New Man. The New Man is Soviet. Therefore, Christ is Soviet!”.

Q.E.D, ladies and gentlemen. Q.E.D.