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Religion kills: priest almost drowns baby during baptism, blames family

November 11, 2011 3 comments

Orthodoxy is one of the most conservative, primitive and resistant to change christian denomination. Romanian orthodoxy, even more so, as its primitive nature goes hand in hand with the primitive nature of some Romanian nationals.

These were, just a few days ago, the premises for a near tragedy, as a priest almost drowned a baby during baptism, because the “tradition” states the baby must be submerged in water completely. The parents are now pressing charges, and the priest is under investigation for charges of battery, assault, and reckless endagerment. Parents were aiming for attempted murder, but the police didn’t find evidence of such thing.

Nevertheless, the thing that shocked me the most, and that is the aim of today’s rant, is that the priest declared, publicly, that he is innocent, and that “THE SINS OF THE PARENTS REFLECTED ONTO THE CHILD AND THAT IS WHY HE ALMOST DIED”. It ENRAGES me to the point of seeing red to hear such arguments from a criminally negligent thief and liar and beggar and maggot! If I had my way all those gold-wearing lie-mongers that drive around in limos and preach their bullshit to the masses would be rounded up and sent to the desert to preach among themselves. HOW DARE HE say that him shoving a month-old baby in a tub of cold water was the parent’s fault? How DARE HE say that him even being allowed to preach his dangerous, unsanitary, medieval cult in modern times is the family’s fault?

The only fault those parents have is not being able to resist peer pressure. That`s why parents baptise their young children, because it’s tradition, ¬†because “what will the neighbors say” ¬†“what will the priest say” and all that jazz. Even if they only go to church at christmas and easter, they’re still going to submit their young baby to this medieval, cruel torture because hey, everyone does it! And the maggot-priests condone and encourage it! And then say that the child was not pure enough, which is why he died! HOW can anyone in the year 2011 even THINK that?!

In the past two years, at least 4 documented cases of child deaths and severe trauma due to orthodox baptism have been recorded. I am certain that there were more than that, but out of fear of the church, they were kept quiet. I hope, with all my heart, that the priest in this last case rots in jail for a good number of years. Maybe the inmates there will teach him a thing or two about what happens to those that hurt babies. I`m just sorry we can`t charge all priests with criminal acts against humanity and just lock them all up.

To end today’s rant, I provide you with a short description of orthodox priests, so you know the kind of vermin I`m talking about:

– unwashed, smelly, grimy

-long beards

-lazy, fat, filthy rich (they steal contributions, never pay any taxes, and charge humongous amounts of money for any religious serice they perform)

-unqualified in any job – they are vermin that live off the sweat of the general populace, not doing anything beyond preaching and shit-eating.

-full of gold

-criminally negligent in spreading hepatitis and TBC by not washing the comunion spoon and chalice after every individual use, criminally negligent in almost killing babies in a crude, primitive and brutal ritual.

These people walk among us and are regarded as saintly, and given more rights than the “commoners”! In a democracy, this is allowed to happen! Spread the word, before we turn into a full-fledged theocracy!