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Meanwhile in Romania: The flock, the bones, and the stampede

October 31, 2011 2 comments

I’ve been away for a while, too busy¬†too lazy to write, and biding my time. Then I found this floating around the atheistic interwebs, specifically here. It’s a clip depicting the way human beings choose to humiliate themselves for the sake of religion. In 2011, (and I know I`ve written about this before, but I can`t help it!) people stampede and trample eachother for a chance to buy kitschy plastic crosses and have a go at kissing the bones of long dead people, of uncertain origin, but saintly nonetheless!

I`m not writing this as a rant. I’m writing this with a sigh. I can`t believe the kind of country I live in. Oh, did I mention they FLEW IN the disembodied HEAD of a saint, all the way from Greece, so it can be worshiped? How’s THAT for air traffic security, eh? They’ll scan up my ass when I go to an airport, but when a bunch of men in black robes carry on a large metal case containing the disembodied head of a dead man, it’s aaaalll fine and dandy.

Without further ado, I present to you medieval Romania: